Ordering a credit card in Switzerland: making the right choice

Do you want to order a Visa or Mastercard credit card? What solutions are available to you, what annual cost for a credit card, what cap can you get and what are the steps to take? We offer a full overview of the issue.

There are several “payment networks” to which a credit card can be attached: American Express, Discover, but in Europe, it is mainly Visa and Mastercard type cards that are issued. When it comes to ordering a credit card , the differences in costs and services are more linked to the organizations issuing the cards (Banks, financial institutions, etc.) than to the types of cards themselves (Visa or Mastercard). In the end, therefore, the choice between Visa or Mastercard is not very important.


The body issuing the card

4. Get a credit card

In Switzerland, there are several organizations from which it is possible to order a credit card. These are as many banks as financial companies.


Choose the best offer

credit offer

The choice is vast, and if sites like Comparis (www.comparis.ch) can help you choose a card, you should still ask yourself the right questions:

  • Annual cost of the card: how much will your card cost annually? The annual cost varies from one offer to another generally from 15 dollars to more than 100 dollars. Often it is possible to use combined offers when ordering a credit card to reduce annual costs.
  • Interest rate: the advantage of a credit card is that it is not necessary, at the end of the month, to fully reimburse the expenses made with the card. Be careful however, in this kind of case, you will pay interest on the amount still not reimbursed, and it is generally very high (15% or more). If you plan to order a credit card and make refunds little by little, it is recommended to look at the rate charged.
  • Other advantages: finally, many organizations offering you to order a credit card practice advantage programs in the form of points for example. If you plan to use your card on a regular basis, it may be worth looking into these loyalty programs.


In case of large expenses

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In the event that you have spent too much on a card, it is always possible to use a credit repurchase. This solution consists in taking a personal credit which will allow you to fully reimburse your card. By benefiting from a lower interest rate and better defined monthly payments, you will be able to optimize your budget.


Order your card: procedures and ceiling

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When you order a credit card, the organization will first inquire with ZEK to verify your financial history. You will need to provide some proof of your income. On this will effectively depend the card limit , which will indicate how much you can spend at most once your credit card ordered. Some organizations offer a temporary raising of the ceiling if necessary. In all cases, if the choice is vast, the key word is to be well informed before ordering a credit card in Switzerland!

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