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Cream Bank has its roots as a Spanish credit institution. The origins of today’s Cream Bank Germany lie in Mönchengladbach, where the former Lite Bank was founded in 1957. Through various mergers and acquisitions, Cream significantly expanded its German business area. It now has 320 German branches and around 6.4 million customers.

The Cream Bank online business

The Cream Bank online business

The bank is divided into three different brands. One part is the Cream bank, which does business online. Cream offers an online loan with very favorable terms, which is transferred at lightning speed if all the requirements are met. You can calculate your personal loan of choice directly on the Cream homepage. If you are interested in the loan offer, you enter your personal details on the form.

The Cream Bank checks this information and if the loan request can be fulfilled, you will receive all the necessary contract documents promptly as an immediate confirmation by post. These documents are sent back to Cream Bank together with the necessary copies of the proof of income and using a PostIdent procedure. If the documents correspond to the creditworthiness information, the loan amount is very quickly received in the specified account.

Online loan terms of Cream Bank

Online loan terms of Cream Bank

As an example, the Cream Bank offers a loan amount of 5,000 USD, which can be repaid at a monthly rate of 145.49 USD over a term of 36 months. The APR would only be 2.99 percent. Thus, the loan in the calculation example only costs 237.64 USD. This low interest rate only applies to online credit if it has also been applied for online. With this loan, Cream Bank waives the usual bank fees and does not charge a processing fee for contract execution.

It is a credit for free use that can be used by the borrower as desired. You can use the loan as a debt rescheduling loan, to offset the overdraft facility, for purchases or to buy a car. If a negative Credit Bureau entry or lack of solvency does not speak against it, the loan will be processed and paid out very promptly.

Benefits of Cream Bank’s online loan

Benefits of Cream Bank

It is a great advantage that the loan amount is not earmarked. Furthermore, the flexibly selectable monthly rates from 12 to 96 months offer scope to realize even small monthly rates. The Best Price Guarantee is also an interesting aspect of this loan. If you find a cheaper loan offer within 14 days of the conclusion of the loan contract, Cream adjusts the interest rates to the cheaper offer. It is possible to apply for loan amounts up to 60,000 USD.

Cream Bank does not charge any account management fees. After half a year, it is also possible to include special repayments in the repayment without additional costs. The Cream Bank online loan offering is a cost-effective all-purpose loan with convincing extras.

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